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17 Jul - 25 Aoû 2017    Marseille, France    Ecole Thématique

Cette formation fait partie du calendrier CEMRACS


The CEMRACS is a scientific event of the SMAI (the french Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics). The Cemracs concept was initiated in 1996 by Yvon Maday and Frédéric Coquel and takes place every year at CIRM in Luminy (Marseille, France) during 6 weeks. The goal of this event is to bring together scientists from both the academic and industrial communities and discuss these topics.
During the first week, a classical summer school is proposed. It consists of several lectures given by leading scientists and related to the topics of the research projects. The remaining 5 weeks are dedicated to working on the research projects, possibly after a morning seminar.

Entités contributrices

  • CIRM
  • SMAI


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CIRM, 163 Avenue de Luminy, 13009 Marseille, France