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Modeling Reduction Tools for Large Scale Complex Networks

21 Sep - 22 Sep 2017    Grenoble, France    Atelier

Cadre de la formation : ERC-AdG Scale-FreeBack


The workshop, organized within the context of the ERC-AdG Scale-FreeBack project, aims to investigate problems of modelling, model reduction, aggregation for large-scale dynamical systems and their application to traffic networks. Large-scale systems embed intrinsic issues in terms of computational complexity, which make their analysis and the definition of control architecture difficult.
In this workshop, we aim to exploit approaches and tools coming from different research domains that allow to deal with the problem in a structured and reliable manner. The ultimate goal is to create a suitable atmosphere for discussions.


Topic 1: Modelling of Large Scale Complex Networks (50 min. open talks): General properties of large-scale networks and different perspectives: phase transition, scale free dynamic networks, graphs and network analysis.
Tentative list of invited speakers:
1) Marc Barthélemy (CEA Paris) “Characterization of spatial networks”
2) Mauricio Barahona (Imperial College) “Dynamical coarse-graining and graph partitions in networked systems”
3) ERC Scale-FreeBack: Sandro Zampieri (University of Padova) “Controlling complex networks and by partitioning”

Topic 2: Model Aggregation/Reduction for Large Scale Networks (50 min. open talks): Model reduction and aggregation, control theory and their application to large-scale networks.
Tentative list of invited speakers:
1) Arjan van der Schaft (University of Groningen) “Reduction of network models of physical systems”
2) Jun-ichi Imura (Tokyo Institute of Technology) “Clustered Model Reduction of Large-scale Networks and its Application to Control”
3) ERC Scale-FreeBack (Grenoble): Nicolas Martin “On scale-free-mindful graph aggregation”

Topic 3: Modelling of Large Scale Spatial/Temporal Traffic Networks (25 min. open talks): Modelling tools for large-scale traffic networks and techniques to simplify their dynamic representation and their analysis.
Tentative list of invited speakers:
1) Ludovic Leclercq (IFSTTAR) “Dynamic modelling of large-scale urban networks: a MFD approach”
2) Luis Miguel Romero Pérez (University of Sevilla) “Traffic Flow in Dense Urban Areas by Continuum Modelling”
3) ERC Scale-FreeBack: Benjamin Seibold (Temple University) “2d Traffic Flow Modeling via Kinetic Models”
4) ERC Scale-FreeBack (Grenoble): Stéphane Mollier “2D Macroscopic model for traffic flow “



Adresse :
Château de la commanderie, 17 Avenue d'Echirolles, 38320 Eybens, France