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2nd Yet Another Discrete Element Workshop

26 Avr - 27 Avr 2018    Aix-en-Provence, France    Atelier


This international free-of-charge Workshop will discuss the latest advances in numerical modeling of natural or man-made multi-scale processes involving a granular material in mechanical interaction with one or several fluids. Discrete Element Methods (DEM) are considered for this purpose as they are the most suitable to take into account the discrete nature of the granular solid phase.

In order to address the inherent scientific complexity of those possibly large-scale, coupled problems, contributions are welcome across the application fields and the scales.
On one hand, DEM approaches are expected at the material scale to discuss the mechanical behavior of granular materials, their failure, and their solid-fluid transition. A special emphasis will be given to the role of the pore or surrounding fluid(s) in the above-mentioned processes, thanks to coupled numerical methods bridging the DEM with Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM), Pore Fluid Volume (PFV) or other Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models.
On the other hand, numerical techniques that enable one to tackle the large scale by either reducing, or accommodating, the required large number of Discrete Elements are also completely relevant to the Workshop, whose ultimate goal is to include the former coupling developments into large-scale models. As such, the Workshop will also discuss multi-scale numerical methods taking DEM to the structure scale by coupling the latter with continuous methods, e.g. FEM*DEM, as well as DEM technical aspects regarding parallelization, for instance.

Following a first edition in Grenoble University in 2014, the Worskhop will equally welcome international users and developers of YADE ( or other DEM codes, as well as technical discussions regarding code efficiency


DEM, or continuous numerical methods coupled with DEM
DEM mechanical analysis of granular materials
Fluid-solid coupling in DEM
High-performance computing in DEM


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Aix-en-Provence, France