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Workshop on performance and scalability of storage systems (WOPSSS)

jeu 28 Jui 2018    09:00    Frankfurt, Allemagne    Atelier


The Workshop On Performance and Scalability of Storage Systems (WOPSSS) aims to present state-of-the-art research, innovative ideas, and experience that focus on the design and implementation of HPC storage systems in both academic and industrial worlds, with a special interest on their performance analysis.

The arrival of new storage technologies and scales unseen in previous practice lead to significant loss of performance predictability. This will leave storage system designers, application developers and the storage community at large in the difficult situation of not being able to precisely detect bottlenecks, evaluate the room for improvement, or estimate the matching of applications with a given storage architecture. WOPSSS intends to encourage discussion of these issues through submissions of researchers or practitioners from both academic and industrial worlds.


Include, but are not limited to:

• Storage systems modeling and analysis tools
• Feed-back and empirical evaluation of storage systems
• Application I/O characterization
• AI workload and storage performance analysis
• Parallel I/O and storage systems: consistency, caching, replication, reliability and fault recovery overhead
• Network challenges and storage systems: Scalability, QoS, Partitionability
• Low latency storage systems usability and analysis: memory-only, Flash, NVRAM, Storage Class Memory
• File system design
• Cloud and distributed storage



Adresse :
Frankfurt Marriott Hotel, Hamburger Allee 2, 60486 Frankfurt am Main, Allemagne