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5th Internationnal conference on Turbulence and Interactions - TI 2018

25 Jui - 29 Jui 2018    Martinique, France    Conférence


These interactive oriented meetings were aimed at opening up new directions in research to explore emerging research fields with potential impact on new developments in turbulence.

The TI 2018 conference is devoted to academic researchers as well as engineers from scientific institutions and industries. The fields covered by the conference are:
- aeronautics and space (plane design, rockets, engines, tactical objects and military applications, satellites, optimization of engines and reductions in pollutant emissions)
- energy (nuclear, fossil fuels, wind and marine power, optimization of resources, reduction of pollution, renewable energies)
- industrial processes (engines, chemichal reactors, heat and mass exchangers, fluidized beds, petroleum engineering, design of new material)
- environment (meteorology, cyclones, tsunamis, storms, port infrastructure, pollution in soils and rivers)
- high performance computing HPC (new algorithms and sovers, high order methods, mixed // computing, new architectures and GPU)

The workshop, which usually lasted 5 days, had a wide participation mainly from across Europe and involve mature scientists as well as young, independent researchers and scholars with leadership potential.
The relatively small scale (in terms of people involved) provided an ideal platform for focus on the topic and for all participants to contribute to discussions and plan follow-up collaborative work.


Main Topics

* Fundamental Turbulence, Instability and transition, Multiscale Interactions, Wall turbulence
* Advanced modeling and simulation methods for turbulent flows
* High-speed aerodynamics, Aeroacoustics and Flow Control
* Environmental, Geophysical and Compressible turbulence
* Multiphase and reacting Flows, Heat transfer, Plasma and MHD turbulence
* Complex flows (aeronautics, automotive, biological and medical flows)
* High Performance Computing (Visualization, Data analysis, Xeon Phi, GPU …)



Adresse :
Carayou Hôtel & Spa, Rue de la Pointe des Peres, Les Trois-Îlets, 97229 Martinique, France