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An introduction to machine learning and high performance with Julia - Summer school 2018

02 Jul - 06 Jul 2018    Paris, France    Ecole Thématique

Cadre de la formation : CEA - EDF - INRIA


This course is targeted at newcomers to the Julia programming language and will show you how fun and productive it is to code in Julia! We will work on the platform, (no installation required) or you can download Julia on your own laptop prior to the class.


Introduction to Julia
“Julia: looks like Python, feels like Lisp, runs like C”
● What makes Julia special
● The Two Language Problem:
○ Julia is easy to use
○ Julia is fast
● Generic Programming
● Multiple Dispatch
● Macros and DSLs

Machine Learning
“No more mini-languages!”
● Deep Neural Nets
● Build Your Own Handwriting Recognizer
● Automatic Differentiation / Back Propagation
● The Whole Alphabet Soup: RNN,CNN, LSTM

High Performance Computing
“You can’t have a good parallel language until you have a good serial language”
● Performance Benchmarking
● Faster Serial Computing
● Distributed Computing
● GPU Computing
● Multithreading


Equipment requirements: Microphone, Power Strips, Very very powerful internet



Adresse :
Université Pierre-et-Marie CURIE, Paris, France