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Workshop Atos/GENCI/CINES sur outils PCP éfficacité énergétique sur architechture KNL

11 Oct - 12 Oct 2018    Montpellier, France    Atelier


This workshop is an on-demand training event of PRACE-5IP on energy efficiency tools.

In the context of the PRACE-3IP Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) project on on “Whole System Design for Energy Efficient HPC”, Atos/Bull (along with E4 - Italia and Maxeller - UK) developed a set of tool for energy monitoring and management, ported a set of scientific computing applications to its KNL architecture and deployed a pilot system at GENCI/CINES Computing Centre, Montpellier.


There will technical presentation on Thursday afternoon, and a hands on workshop / hackathon on Friday. Participants can choose to attend part or all of the workshop.

Quantum Espresso;
Along with the full Accelerated benchmark suit UEABS by PRACE-4IP work-package 7 on Code Enabling.

Developers of numerical applications with general interest in energy efficiency tools are invited to participate in this training event. No previous background in energy efficiency tools is required.

The following benchmark code where ported by Atos/Bull:
Lecturers will be leading experts from Atos/Bull, CINES and PRACE users of these tools. All participants will be provided with access to the Atos/Bull KNL pilot system, and could run energy profiling of their codes (code should be provided before the workshop, for analysis and security issues).

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  • ATOS



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CINES, Montpellier, France