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The IEEE Workshop on Parallel / Distributed Combinatorics and Optimization
aims at providing a forum for scientific researchers and engineers on recent
advances in the field of parallel or distributed combinatorics for difficult
optimization problems, ranging from theoretical to applied problems. The
latter include for instance 0-1 multidimensional knapsack problems and cutting
stock problems, large scale linear programming problems, nonlinear
optimization problems, global optimization and scheduling problems.

Emphasis will be placed on new techniques for solving difficult optimization
problems, like cooperative methods for integer programming problems, nature-
inspired techniques and hybrid methods. Aspects related to Combinatorial
Scientific Computing (CSC) will also be treated. We also solicit submissions
of original manuscripts on sparse matrix computations and related topics
(including graph algorithms); and related methods and tools for their
efficiency on different parallel systems. Applications combining traditional
parallel and distributed combinatorics and optimization techniques as well as
theoretical issues (convergence, complexity, etc.) are welcome.

Domains of interest include (but are not limited to) cloud computing,
planning, logistics, manufacturing, finance, telecommunications and
computational biology.


* Exact methods, heuristics, metaheuristics, hybrid methods;
* Parallel / distributed algorithms for combinatorial optimization;
* Parallel / distributed metaheuristics;
* Nature inspired parallel / distributed computing;
* Integer programming, linear programming, nonlinear programming;
* Global optimization, polynomial optimization;
* Cooperative methods, hybrid methods;
* Parallel sparse matrix computations, graph algorithms, load balancing;
* Applications: cloud computing, planning, logistics, manufacturing, finance,
telecommunications, computational biology, combinatorial algorithms in high
performance computing.



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Portland, USA